About me

I’m a DIY-er, one with many little jobs. My garage is full of tools I’ve found, made or received from other people. Some of them are useless, some are way too difficult to use, but every now and then I find a good one I haven’t used before. This is when I open my garage, try not to be too self conscious of its messy state and display my tools to the public. I can demonstrate how I use it and why I think it’s better than the one I used before. You can have a quick look around in my garage, but it’s not a garage sale. At the end of the display the door closes again as I have to  continue working on my little jobs. You can’t borrow my tools unfortunately, I really really need them, I have a lot of work to do. But if you think anything would be useful to you, I would encourage you to get them as well. You need to find out what you need for your own garage though, as it’s not going to be the same as mine. We all have our different little jobs, which all need different tools. Maybe one day we could get together and combine our tools to build something truly awesome.


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