The truth is
that worlds end and we create new ones
that love dies and we get over
people disappear and we mend
and we move on

The truth is
that scars don’t disappear
that missing seems to linger
that grief forever aches
still we move on

The truth is
that wrinkles don’t unwrinkle
abandoned chairs stay empty
the pillow remains cold
and we move on

The truth is
that loss is without reason
time moves only forward
we don’t have another choice
and so we move on


The death of a fear


The death of a fear
it can only explode
as it grows into something big
bigger than the brain
bigger than courage
that’s when it tips over
and it explodes into a thousand pieces
a thousand little fears
fears we can succumb
the fear dies

And the explosion rips
it tears and it burns
it deafens and blinds
and as the fear is lost
so is what contains it
safely within
I no longer hold the fear
but it is still shattered within me
the fear has died

The death of a fear
is the death of all fears
but the dread of its death remains
its carcass lingers within
it spreads and reminds
there is no way back now
there is no fear to hold
and it holds me no longer
the fear is dead