Hurray :)


I’ve been accepted to a course in TA counseling. This is mad exciting, as for the first time in a long long while I’m extremely interested in a ‘project’ and am going to have the opportunity to seriously work with this interest. It’ll take a few years of studying and placements, and I’m excited about these years to come.

The material we’ll be studying is eye opening and we’ll have the opportunity to do very valuable volunteer work during the course. Personal development is a big part of the course, which will, even if I bail out, be incredibly valuable professionally and personally.

To top all these things, I will get a student card which is going to give me discounts on coffee.

Hurray 🙂

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  1. I love TA counseling. I only get to use bits and pieces of it. I know you will enjoy your experience.

    • Hi!
      I realise I forgot to respond to you, but thank you for your kindness! I have started the course and am now getting even more interested in this philosophy. I think maybe using bits and pieces of it is very valuable indeed. I see it is a tool that can help in conversations, but does not necessarily form the converstation (or counselling session). That is still your relationship with the speaker/listener.

      Thanks again,


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