Happy Wednesday

Today was a long day, which started with a lovely elderly man, heavily in denial of his incontinence and thus having a house that smells quite strongly. His feelings get hurt easily and when I say lovely man, I really mean it. I don’t want to hurt his feelings. It’s easier to just do the job and deny along with him, while cleaning up when he’s not looking. I don’t really feel like I’m helping him, but last week when I visited him in hospital he said he was grateful beyond words for what we are doing for him and he wouldn’t be able to live on his own without us. That’s a great thing. I still find it really hard to visit him. But that’s my problem.

After that I visited a lady who responds to my ‘hi Win, how are you?’ with ‘ too bloody old’. I can’t really think of a good response to that. ‘yes you are’ or ‘ no you’re not’ both don’t seem to be the correct ones. So I do a little giggle that I instantly regret and get on with the vacuuming.

Rita is a dear and kind of has the figure of a blonde bombshell, who has just aged heaps. Slender, elegant and a massive cleavage that she still shows off at 79. Good on her.

My break was interesting, as I ran into the physio by the microwave, whose diagnosis of my shoulder pain is:  ‘it’s a pain problem’. No shit Sherlock. He recommends pain medication that will alter the way my pain receptors perceive pain signals, thus making me have the same amount of pain, but feeling it less. It can also make me feel quite a bit drowsy or euphoric. This pretty much sums up the effects of weed, but it had a more difficult name. I guess when it’s in a chemical white pill form, it’s suddenly pain medication and totally not very bad for you, promise, usually, or very probably at the very least.

After that I went to see a man whose last name is that of late president and instantly triggers the sound of a presidential fanfare in my head. His dog’s name is Kim, and she’s a special dog. She’s got her own little mentioning on the run sheet, saying: DOG VERY PROTECTIVE OF G. BY ALL MEANS IGNORE DOG!!! Kim is a particularly tiny Jack Russel that apparently didn’t pick up on my specific aversion to this breed, warmed to me instantly for some reason and continued to come over for a cuddle every 5 minutes while I was scrubbing the shower or mopping the floor (fair enough, causing some sliding-dog-entertainment for me). ‘Great’ I thought ‘It’s not just old men, but old men’s dogs that love me’. There are worse things. G. Had just washed his carpet and thought it’d be a great idea to dry it by roaring the fire to sacrificial heights. It was about 30 C outside, 42 C inside. I think I just invented Bikram homecare and I tell you now, it’s not going to kick off.

Another interesting thing I was thinking about: here in Australia you can visit the elderly all day long and still have to carry your own drinks and bickies. In the UK you’d probably have to be limited to 3 clients a day for fear of tea and biscuit and chocolate and probably fruit cake and sandwiches overload. I’m cool with not getting fed every time I walk into the door but a cuppa every now and then would be nice you know? Especially when they’re having one while I’m sweating all over the bathroom floor because of THE ROARING FIRE!!!

Agh well… Happy Wednesday


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